Rack jobbing

rackjobbing monitoring


Snack food distributor


A rack jobbing agency representing various snack food brands distributes products throughout drug and convenience stores. Keeping track of inventory at each location was done manually by the agents.


Certain locations carry racks from multiple wholesalers, creating a lot of paperwork for recording inventory. Sometimes the agents' manually recorded inventory numbers did not match with sales numbers. This caused major issues with billing as the store's commission and the payment to the wholesaler depended on these numbers.


Once the rack jobbers were given NFC-capable smartphones, they stopped carrying the inventory stock control spreadsheets. Each rack had an NFC-TAG with inventory information that was swiped with the smartphone. Every time an agent visited a location, this information was updated on the NFC-TAG and also on the NFC-tracker server. Now there is always an accurate account of all inventories at every rack jobbing location, making it easier to invoice the locations as the billing system is integrated with the NFC-tracker software.


The company has streamlined the inventory and accounting system while saving the agents' time at each distributor location and cost for administration. As the system is less error prone than the conventional paper-based system, the rack jobbing company was able to increase its customer satisfaction, thus resulting in additional revenue as new customers were acquired. Additionally, a rack jobber is now able to service more customers as the time required to fill out the paperwork has become obsolete. These changes resulted in an increase in revenue for the rack jobbing company.

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