NFC nursing home management

nursing home management software


Residential care


A nursing home facility manages the care of 200 elderly people needing intensive care. With various doctors and nurses constantly coming in and out of the facility, the nursing home mangement had constant challenges working through all of the paperwork to log patient information.


Every nurse and doctor visit was recorded on paper, then made digital by the nursing home management. This process usually took several days so in order to get up-to-date information, and one had to search through the patient folders. This consumed a lot of time for all employees, and since many of the patients' conditions involved time-sensitive treatments, having access to real-time patient information became a high priority at the nursing home. Due to unreliable logging of patient visits, there have been cases of missed visits by staff members.


NFC-TAGs with corresponding patient information were placed in every room of the nursing home. These TAGs are swiped by the visiting nurse or doctor with their NFC-capable smartphone. They were then able to enter visit details through NFC-tracker, which updates the patient information on the server. The nursing home management  are now able to retrieve real-time patient information through the inViu software on their computers or on their smartphones.


The NFC-tracker system saves time for all employees at the nursing home, creating more time for patient care and less time for documentation and administration. Less staff training was required, thus reducing training costs. As the nursing home management system reminded doctors and nurses if a patient had not been visited during a certain time span, patients are assured of their regular visits. As nurses had more time to concentrate on their main tasks, the quality of care increased which improved the reputation of the nursing home. Not only did the system cut costs but generated additional revenue from the increased amount of customer inquiries.