Scheduling software for home care

home care scheduling software


Home nursing services


A group of home care nurses visit various patients at their homes, having to manually log their visits and patient details.


Having to manually fill out patient visit information took up a lot of the nurses' time, and the data was often inaccurate. If a nurse skipped a patient visit or forgot to give medication, there was no concrete way of verifying nurse visits and their activities. Since they were using an offline home care scheduling software, there was no way to objectively verify whether the caregiver was actually there. One day, family members of one patient accused one nurse of not visiting the patient on a daily basis. Since daily visits were part of the service, this became a huge trust issue with the board of nursing.


The home care scheduling software functions by equipping nurses with NFC-capable Android phones and placing NFC-TAGs at the mail-boxes of homes. The nurses would swipe the tag with their phones entering and leaving the patient's home. Having an accurate log of visits gained back the trust of patient families and made invoicing easier for these nurses. It also created less paperwork for the nurses who needed to access medical information for each patient by using their phones to swipe the patient ID cards with NFC-TAGs.


Trust between patients' families and nurses were strengthened by the use of NFC technology that accurately recorded nurse visits and their activity. This real-time home care scheduling software enabled the nurses to easily create precise invoices for the patients. Nurses are now able to spend more time with their patients as less paperwork is needed and less time is wasted on complaints. Better customer satisfaction generated customer recommendations, which then increased the number of patients served by the nurses and their overall revenue.