Utilizing NFC in healthcare management

A common complaint of in-home caregivers, nurses, and doctors is that the business and administrative side of the health care impedes upon their ability to give effective care. They are experiencing an increase in the amount of time spent with tasks not directly linked to the patient.

To help with staff, asset, and patient management, the new technology of Near Fahield Communication (NFC) and has become indispensable to modern healthcare management as nfc in healthcare simplifies and streamlines administrative tasks.

Benefits of using the ginstr NFC health care system

  • track the movement of employees, nurses, doctors, and patients
  • access control to specific rooms or equipment
  • track patient location
  • paperless and fast accounting
  • track equipment use and location
  • ability to assign new tasks

NFC and RFID for healthcare monitors home care staff

Improve your home caring services with the ginstr NFC health care system

Healthcare RFID in hospital management

Reduce paperwork and improve the efficiency of hospital management by using the ginstr NFC health care system

NFC and RFID in healthcare for the elderly

Use the ginstr NFC health care system for nursing homes

Applied near field communication (NFC) in healthcare

Our solution utilizes the accuracy, security and reliability of near field communication. We use NFC in healthcare (as opposed to RFID or barcodes) specifically because it offers almost pinpoint localisation accuracy, NFC can differentiate between altitudes in a multi-story building, the ability to work off-line, and access to data in real time.

The nfc in healthcare solution functions by giving each staff member an NFC-capable mobile phone and attaching NFC-TAGs to relevant machines, rooms, and patients. These tags are re-usable, programmable and transmit data about the location, operation and contain information that can be input by employees.

Each patient is given a unique NFC-TAGs. By swiping the TAG with an NFC-capable phone, the patient can be identified and important information can be transmitted to the caregiver.

Visiting nurses can be monitored by having them check in and out during a patient visit. This way the execution of all planned visits can be monitored and the amount of working hours can be properly recorded. With automated recordings of visits, using nfc in healthcare saves you time as extensive paperwork becomes obsolete.

the ginstr nfc healthcare tracker app