maintenance monitoring with NFC mobile workforce management


Food & Beverage


A coffee shop chain of 100 locations has its own equipment maintenance team. Their equipment includes espresso machines, grinders, coolers, freezers, and drip machines. All of this equipment requires regular maintenance.


Although all routine check-ups were marked down and recorded on spreadsheets, sometimes the records were not accurate. Some maintenance visits were missed or the record went missing. Due to the lack of information, some maintenances were conducted although it was not yet required. Likewise, some equipment had not been serviced for a long time. Regular maintenance of equipment is important in order to make high quality drinks and to stay in compliance with health inspections.


All equipment in every store was labelled with an NFC-TAG. The maintenance team would use their NFC-capable smartphones to swipe the equipment when undergoing maintenance. Any update to the equipment was noted on its TAG. Since check-up dates were accurately recorded, upcoming maintenance visits were automatically scheduled. Next time the team visits the same equipment, all information pertaining to that equipment will appear on their phone. This makes it easier to manage different store locations by different employees.


The maintenance team now has an easier time getting the equipment history and information when on the road. The automated store visit schedule saved time and increased team productivity, resulting in lowered labour costs for maintenance. In addition, as regularly maintained equipment produced the highest possible drink quality, customer satisfaction improved which resulted in more regular customers, higher average cheque per customer, and an increase in revenue per location.

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