Hotel housekeeping system

hotel housekeeping system


Hotel Management


A hotel chain employing many housekeepers always experienced a high turnover and inconsistency in cleaning reports and inventory counts. Each housekeeper carried a clipboard with room information that determined which rooms needed to be cleaned. The hotel housekeeping system was outdated, requiring the staff hto manually write down their completed tasks for each room.


The manual hotel housekeeping system took up a lot of time for the employees. It created a lot of paperwork for administration and did not guarantee information accuracy. Special requests and tasks were verbally communicated and often forgotten or misunderstood by the staff. At times some rooms were left uncleaned, resulting in complaints and dissatisfied customers.


The management invested in a new paperless hotel housekeeping system. Each room at the hotel had been marked with NFC-TAGs that had the room information embedded into the TAG. When housekeepers visited the room, they placed their NFC-capable smartphone on the room's NFC-TAG to log the start of the room's cleaning. Any special requests or tasks pertaining to that particular room would be downloaded onto the user's phone. Once the room was cleaned, the housekeeper would again tap the phone on the NFC-TAG to indicate the end of the room's cleaning. It was then also possible to inform the cleaners about the next vacant room to be cleaned by retrieving information from the hotel's check out system. 


After the hotel housekeeping system was renovated, the hotel was able to save on training and administrative costs, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue. With the elimination of all paperwork by the cleaners and improvement of task delegation, the amount of time to clean a room was reduced. This increased the amount of rooms being serviced by each cleaner, which in turn reduced the overall labour cost as fewer cleaners were required. As all rooms were cleaned on time while serving specific customer needs, customer satisfaction improved which resulted in increased overnight stays and revenue.

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