Field force automation with NFC

field force automation


Cleaning services


A cleaning company that serves various commercial buildings employs numerous mobile workers that move from one location to another on a daily basis. Keeping track of who is working where, what they did, and which hours they worked had become an onerous task for the growing company.


Employees had been writing down their work hours, location, and tasks on paper logbooks. Management had noticed that some workers would log more hours than others, write down incorrect hours, and had incomplete tasks. Without field force automation, it was extremely inefficient for management to micro-manage these employees as there were many of them working remotely in various different locations.


The management decided to implement field force automation from ENAiKOON. Every mobile worker was given an Android smartphone with NFC capabilities. When a worker went to a certain location, the NFC-TAG embedded into the entrance was swiped to log in for their shift. Each location that needed to be cleaned had an NFC-TAG with specific task instructions. Swiping each NFC-TAG indicated that the worker had gone to that location and completed the task. Since each employee has a unique ID number, management is now able to monitor the tasks and performance of each employee.


Implementation field force automation has significantly improved work efficiency, employee performance, and employee monitoring by the cleaning company's management. As a result, considerable savings were made with lowered labour costs since the actual working hours of the staff are now accurately recorded. Customer satisfaction increased as the cleaning staff now fulfilled all their tasks. Field force automation also improved customer retention and customer satisfaction, which resulted in additional contracts and higher revenue for the cleaning company.

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