Mobile workforce management

Efficiency in mobile workforce management is no simple task. Managers must be aware of where their mobile employees are while managing them; they must schedule their employees' tasks, identify and solve delays, communicate with customers, and create invoices.

To optimise the service chain and productivity while reducing operating expenses, managers need a smart, small, and simple workforce management system.

Benefits of using the ginstr mobile workforce management system

  • records employee working hours
  • validation of work
  • paperless accounting
  • identifies delays
  • assigns new tasks
  • all employees visible on the online map

mobile workforce management ability is improved with NFC

Use NFC to improve the management of your mobile workforce

mobile workforce management for cleaning companies

Reduce administrative costs and increase customer satisfaction by monitoring your housekeeping staff using NFC

NFC mobile workforce management applied to maintenance workers

Streamline your maintenance processes using NFC

Mobile workforce management with NFC

NFC technology can improve the management of mobile employees in various ways. NFC, also known as RFID, is highly suited for mobile workforce management because of its accurate location, offline, and real-time data access.

The system works by giving each mobile worker an NFC-capable mobile phone and attaching NFC-TAGs to relevant rooms, locations, and equipment.

This enables you to track and monitor your mobile workforce while reducing tedious paperwork. Locations and working hours can be monitored with pinpoint accuracy.

All acquired information can be forwarded directly to your accounting, security, and dispatching departments in order to implement it into your database.

mobile workforce management in the ginstr app