Safety of security guards

security guard safety




A security company offering guard tour services only used portable Private Mobile Radios (PMR) for communication with other guards and the emergency response centre.


These PMR handsets often failed with poor reception and device defects. The security of the guards and their response time to an alarm is essential for the company and its customers. Guards were often involved in dangerous situations where immediate support was needed. Knowing the exact location of the guards and where they were patrolling last are important for security guard safety and the customer's assets.


Guards were given Samsung Galaxy smartphones with NFC and GPS capabilities. NFC-TAGs were installed on the entrance of every building and room that was being patrolled. When guards patrolled the facilities they would scan the NFC-TAGs, indicating where the guards were patrolling at what time. With the installation of inViu software on the phone, including NFC-tracker, the guards were able to send all patrol information to the emergency response centre automatically. Since their new smartphones use GSM, GPS, and wireless networks, their connectivity increased dramatically, leading to better security guard safety.


The use of Samsung Galaxy smartphones allowed the security company to locate and contact their guards at all times. This increased the security guard safety, improving employee productivity and increased moral. Subsequently, the employee retention increased, resulting in decreased costs due to constant new employee hiring and training. The significantly quicker emergency response time also improved customer satisfaction and resulted in new business opportunities. Both satisfied employees and customers improved the profits of the security company.

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