System for patrol management

patrol management system




A commercial security company manages the guard tour patrols of various buildings, employing a team of security guards for each location. The company faced problems when a break in occurred while guards were on duty.


There was a break in at one of the commercial buildings the company managed and some valuables were stolen. There was one guard on duty at the time of the break in. He had not made his rounds around the building as he should have, resulting in the late discovery of the robbery. Had the guard been patrolling the building as scheduled, it may have deterred the robbers from breaking into the building or resulted in an earlier discovery of the break in, making it easier for the police to track the criminals.


The company did not have a reliable patrol management system prior to this incident. They mounted NFC-TAGs onto the walls in every room in each building, and then equipped every security guard with an Android phone with NFC-tracker. Every guard on shift had to enter every room and “check in” using an off-the-shelf Android phone. By doing so, the company automatically had a digital log book of all check-ins showing who patrolled which room at what time. This patrol management system was much more reliable and accurate compared to their previous hand-written log book. Management is now able to easily verify the guards’ tours. Additionally, if a checkpoint is not checked in on time, an alert is sent to the guard's and his team manager's phones. This will result in an increased quality of the guards' work performance, their safety, and their monitoring system.


Without the NFC-tracker patrol management system, the company would have faced high costs due to liability issues and lost customers as proofs of scheduled patrols were not reliable. Now the company has improved the trust of their customers and the guards' activity and compliance, resulting in a positive growth of clients.

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