Verifying guard tours

guard tour verification




A security company with customers in various industries provides guard tour patrolling services. Guards were well trained and qualified workers; however, many have been caught doing unrelated work, falling asleep on the job, or missing scheduled tours.


The company lacked the technology to monitor their guards properly. They had a full surveillance system but it was a hassle to determine the guard’s actual activity or location at specific times.


The guards were given NFC smartphones to use to check into every area of the patrolled facility. NFC-TAGs were placed throughout the buildings which the guards had to swipe with their phones at specific times throughout the night. If a checkpoint was missed, an alert got sent to the guard's phone and to his team manager. The guard tour verification system prevented from skipping tours or doing non-work related activities.


Guard tour verification was objectively observed with pinpoint accuracy and the tours were shown to have been carried out according to schedule. As a result, the company experienced a decrease of customer complaints and credit notes generated by these complaints; this subsequently increased the overall profits of the security company.

ginstr app for verifying guard tours