Guard tour monitoring system

The most important aspects of efficiently managing a security operation is to know where your guards are and the status of their patrol. Security guards must maintain a consistent schedule of tours and follow certain procedures in order to fulfil the promise to the customer and heighten the safety of the security guards.

There are many relic technologies employing expensive and bulky hardware, buttons, and inaccurate RFID tags that require a power source. These outdated technologies usually only transmit their activities at the end of the tour and cannot give accurate readings in multi-story buildings nor operate without a phone reception.

ginstr's innovative guard tour monitoring system app uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to streamline guard tours with real-time transmission of location and time data, as well as keeping hardware costs low to help increase your bottom line.

This app for security companies offers an innovative guard tour system using NFC technology. Guard tours performed by security guards are more efficient due to real-time reports of each tour with date, time, and location information. The affordability of NFC-capable smartphones make this system favourable compared to previous guard patrol technology.

Benefits of using the guard tour monitoring system

  • improved efficiency of tours
  • easier planning of tours
  • quicker response times in emergency situations
  • verification for your company and your customer that the tour was completed
  • easier reporting for payroll
  • efficient training when assigning new guards to tours

security guard tour monitoring with NFC

Increase the trust of your customers by providing proof of the activity and compliance of your guards

the guard tour monitoring system saves money

Increase your customer satisfaction by monitoring your guards' activity

monitoring the guard tour improves emergency response times

Improve the emergency response time of your guards

Guard tour monitoring system with NFC

The solution to effective guard tour monitoring is the combination of traditional monitoring methods and NFC technology. Each guard is assigned an NFC-enabled phone and NFC-TAGs are attached at regular intervals along the patrol. When a guard places the phone near the TAG, a signal is sent to the online web portal, inViu pro, with information regarding the identity, time, and exact location of the guard.

The online software ginstr web is configured so that if the guard is late arriving to a pre-defined checkpoint, an automated alert message is sent via text message (SMS) or e-mail, allowing management to respond immediately to any situation. This cutting-edge NFC technology will keep you well informed of your guard tour operations with the information you need at your fingertips.

The ginstr guard tour management app will improve your emergency response time, keep you up to date with real-time locations of your guards, and notify you of any deviations. As NFC works in buildings with poor GPS reception, the location data associated with the NFC-TAGs is transmitted without delays or black-out zones when the NFC-capable phone is in a location with good reception.

guard tour monitoring with the ginstr guard tour app