Inventory software for tools

tool inventory software


Construction tool management


A large construction company in based in the city of Leeds, England.


The business must juggle 4 to 7 projects and shifting and checking out tools from the warehouse to the construction sites was done inefficiently with a paper-based check in and out system. This led to tools going missing and workers on job sites waiting for tools and equipment.


They decided to implement an electronic check-in, check-out system, but after conducting pricing research, an investment in traditional RFID and barcode systems was found to be both expensive to implement and repair while also being complicated to operate. They found the tool inventory software utilising NFC from ENAiKOON. This system uses ruggedised NFC-TAGS and any NFC-enabled smartphones (as opposed to a single supplier of scanners, readers and tag-printers) to check-in and out tools from the warehouse and scan them again when they reach the work-site.


The equipment manager was able to have better oversight over where, to whom and what was checked out, viewed instantly from any web-browser easily from the tool inventory software, inViu pro. Everyone could see where specific equipment was and what was needed which made procurement of new tools and equipment more efficient, reduced tool shrinkage and also made maintenance and repair much quicker.

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