IT asset tracking system

IT asset tracking label


A call-centre with 80 employees in Berlin, Germany


The company is responsible for customer service and sales for an
international insurance company within Germany and Switzerland.


The nature of the job makes for an ever changing employee roster due to high employee turnover. This makes it confusing for the IT technicians to do their job
of repairing, assignment and managing inventory leading to costly missing, damaged and stolen office equipment and routine maintenance nigh impossible.


The solution was found with ENAiKOON's NFC-tracker. First, NFC TAGS were placed upon all computers, printers, monitors, phones and copy-machines. Then, using a NFC capable Android smartphone, each asset is scanned into the webportal ENAiKOON inViu pro with exact localisation information. This asset was then given user-configurable information, such as the current software installed, who is using the asset, service history, exact technical specifications and any accessories that go along with the asset. Through their smartphones, the technicians were able to access all of this information on each asset as well as have an overview of all assets that were currently in inventory. The technicians could also receive new
assignments through this smartphone with directions to the asset, the asset specifications and the problem. Lastly, the technician would clear the problem by scanning the NFC-TAG with the smartphone and writing what the solution needed to be, thereby adding a service history to the asset, making future diagnosis much simpler. Best of all, no paperwork.


By taking away most of the guesswork, the IT technicians found it much easier to diagnose, to find, repair or replace IT assets using the NFC-tracker, leading to reduced repair downtime and quicker reaction time between calls. Lastly, having the equipment and computers assigned to an employee made the frequency of missing or stolen equipment less prevalent.

ginstr app for IT asset tracking