Fixed asset tracking software

fixed asset tracking devices


Fixed asset procurement, assignment, maintenance, repair and replacement.


An expanding solar technology developer in Freiburg, Germany. The company grew from 170 to 260 employees within a single year began having a few growing pains.


Since the company develops, tests and markets most of its technology in-house and uses expensive tools and machines to conduct this research, the employees must have the right computers, machinery and software to test, develop, market and eventually sell their new technologies. The biggest complaint from employees is that they waste a significant amount of time trying to find, share or buy new tools. Furthermore, the in-house tech support had the same problems with localization, but also needed proper asset documentation and inventory management.


Primarily because of its low cost and ease of use, the company decided to use ENAiKOON's fixed asset tracking solution. It works by attaching an NFC TAG on each tool, photocopier, printer, computer, computer accessories, office furniture and testing machinery. Contained in each tag is a configurable dataset that contained the name, manufacturer, asset category, exact location (also which floor in multistory buildings), usage history, assignment to a person and maintenance issues. Then each employee was given an Android smartphone that enabled them to both see in real-time where a specific tool is located and if it is checked out by someone. Also, tech support found it simple to have the specific technical information and the exact location viewable from the cloud-based asset tracking software, inViu pro, leading to a decrease in the time of diagnosis, spare parts ordering and problem resolution.


The employees were able to instantly locate, check-out or order more tools and machines leading to an more efficient workplace. With better job assignment, pinpoint localization of the job and more information about the job, the IT technicians were able to reduce time needed for calls.

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