Fixed assets management system utilising NFC

Tracking the location and status of assets, machines, equipment, and inventory has become increasingly important for a wide range of industries. Completely scalable and customisable to any size company, the NFC tracker (near field communication) is fully context configurable and allows you to easily identify, track, and locate any tagged asset.

The advantages gained through the implementation of NFC technology will enable you to save time and reduce your overall operating costs. Our NFC assets management solution is essential to a wide variety of operations, including supply chain management, hospitals, construction, warehouses, manufacturing, and commercial businesses.

Main benefits of NFC fixed assets management software

  • identifies, inventories and tracks any fixed assets
  • NFC-TAGs are fully context configurable
  • set regular maintenance schedules
  • assign assets to employees
  • software is completely web-based and can be viewed with mobile phones
  • scalable and inexpensive technology - no expensive readers
  • functions in multi-story buildings, underground, and places with no mobile phone reception

NFC asset and inventory management

Optimise your delivery, accounting, employee management, and inventory processes

NFC asset and inventory management for supply companies

Improve your IT management services

warehouse inventory and asset management

Improve your office inventory management processes

Using NFC for asset and inventory management

Employees equipped with an NFC-enabled phone simply swipe the phone in front of the NFC-TAG of an asset, instantly collecting the object's registered values, time, exact location, and employee identification. The acquired data is instantly viewable in the asset tracking software, inViu web.

By using the ginstr web software, management maintains a precise overview of the usage, location, and the maintenance history of the object. This can save you both time and money with pinpoint inventory localisation, acknowledgment of delivery or receipt, clear maintenance scheduling, paperless accounting, accurate estimation of delivery times, and tracking of employee schedules and machine use.

fixed asset and inventory management system with ginstr apps